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interestinglystrange asked:

Hi. I've played almost every version of D&D, the only ones I haven't played is anything 4.0 and beyond. I've always wanted to make a character that acts as a bodyguard, and is able to actually function as such. For example, the Devoted Defender from Sword and Fist is essentially what I want to be. Any ideas for making something like that in 3.5 or Pathfinder?

Just about any kind of character can be a body guard if you roleplay them as such. Dwarven Defender is a core prestige class that focuses a lot on defense.

elnefashu asked:

You said that "someone is always upset about pretty much everything." But I've yet to meet a single person who was upset about the fetchlands being reprinted :)



I’ve gotten letters of people complaining. I believe most of them had them already and liked that they had something that was so hard to get.

The other complaint about it would likely be the shuffling time.

Welcome to two years of Magic: The Shuffling.

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