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Kaalia EDH is working pretty decently. It’s a little inconsistent, but I’m tweaking it to hopefully rectify those issues. It hits really, really hard in 1v1 so far. I’m using a few tutor effects with black, and I find I consistently grab either Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots, almost every time. Tutoring seems even stronger than I thought it would be in this format. Maybe it’s just that the Greaves/Boots are so strong. But it’s also really satisfying to be able to drop Kaalia turn 4, equip the greaves, swing with her and drop down something ridiculous that has no business being out turn 4. Balefire Dragon, Iona, Akroma(s), Bogardan Hellkite, Angel of Dispair, and the supersecretnasty tech: Rakdos the Defiler. Being put into play tapped and attacking doesn’t trigger sacrifice effects for me, but you can be darn sure any opponent caught with their pants down is going to lose a fair number of permanents off a surprise shot from him.

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