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The evolution of Chandra Naalar

The quintessantial red mage debuted in Lorwyn to little fanfare with 5 mana being too steep for most red decks to commit to, and her slooooow 6-drop Zendikar version made it into exactly 0 decks in a blisteringly fast format full of Lotus Cobras, Bloodbraid Elves, Baneslayers, and later Titans, Stoneforge Mystics, and Jace. Still, her very castable, very splashable most recent printing as Chandra, the Firebrand unveiled last year to much excitement and expectation. The meta wasn’t quite right for her to perform at her best, despite high hopes. But the shift will come this fall, and the Firebrand will be around to see it after a reprint in M13. Manadorks with 1 toughness beware!



I don’t care how much offended internet is backlashing my way for this.  Starting the New Year off right, damnit.

don’t know or care if i’ve reblogged this or not. doing it again for awesomeness.

I’d like to state this guy is the official artist for the cards these characters are on right now.

What’s the name for making fanfic art of your own official characters? Steve Argyle, I want to play Magic with you. It’s clear you’re not just a hired artist; you’re a fan of the game and the characters.

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